about us

twentythree Television specialises in the production of high quality television programmes and short films.

Established in 2019, twentythree  is a family-run independent production company with bases in Kent and Lincolnshire.

What’s in a name?

Simply put, we like the number 23, in fact it’s the founder Gary’s favourite number. Nothing more.

Who’s Who?

Gary Ingoldby-Spate

Since starting as a runner at Immage Studios (home of Channel 7) in 1997, Gary went on to become a floor manager, camera operator, sound operator, editor, scriptwriter, producer, director and presenter of several television and film projects over the past 20+ years.

Sadie Ingoldby-Spate

Kelvin Spate

Glyn Spate

Glyn started in television in 2000 as the host of television series ‘In Focus’. Glyn also wrote the majority of the scripts and was also the series’ producer. Glyn was the founding chairman of disability awareness television production company Turning Point Productions that operated from 2000 until 2009.

Silent Steve

How could we ever forget about Silent Steve?. Very little is known about him and nobody has ever seen his face.